Anritsu Site Master S331E

S331dAnritsu S331E

Anritsu S331E Sitemaster - Anritsu is pleased to introduce its eighth-generation compact handheld Site Master cable and antenna analyzer series with integrated spectrum analyzer. The new Site Master analyzers offer the same ease of use, ruggedness, and familiar menus as its predecessor S331D and S332D. In addition, Anritsu has enhanced the Site Master to address all the customer requirements and suggestions received over the years. Indeed, for more than 14 years, Anritsu s Site Master has been the de facto standard for contractors, installers, and wireless service providers who need a portable and rugged cable and antenna analyzer. The Site Master reduces per site maintenance expense, maximizes system up-time, and breaks away from the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance mode by finding small problems before major failures occur. Radio frequency (RF) engineers and field technicians in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and other global defense programs responsible for installing and maintaining communication systems use Site Master s frequency domain reflectrometry (FDR)-based approach to improve the quality of their communication systems. Although the new Site Master resides in a modern platform that takes advantage of the latest technologies and is loaded with features that will enhance productivity, it provides more value for better productivity without giving up the familiar look and feel.