Anritsu Site Master S330a


The Anritsu S330A Site Master is a hand held SWR/RL(standing waveratio/return loss) and Distance-To-Fault measurement instrument that includes a built-in synthesized signal source and an optional power monitor.

It uses a keypad to enter data and a liquid crystal display (LCD) to provide a graphical indication of SWR or RL over the selected frequency range. The Site Master S331A has a built-in distance-to-fault capability. The Site Master S331A, allows measurement data to be converted to Fault Location via the companion Software Tools program.

The Site Master is capable of up to two hours of continuous operation from a fully charged internal battery. It can also be operated from a 12.5 dc source (which will also simultaneously charge the battery).
Built-in energy conservation featurescan be used to extend battery life over an eight-hour work day. The Site Master is designed for measuring SWR, return loss, or cable insertion loss and locating faulty RF components in antenna systems.

Power monitoring capability is available as an option. The displayed trace can be scaled and/or enhanced with settable frequency markers and/or a limit line. A menu option provides for an audible “beep” when the limit value is exceeded. To permit use in low-light environments, the LCD can be back lit using a front panel key.